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Holiday Sale | 5% Off All Items | Code: XM5
Holiday Sale | 5% Off All Items | Code: XM5

Amazonas Adventure Ropes

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£49.99 - £49.99
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SKU AZ-3025003

What we say...The light and compact rope set for when you are on the move. 

Download instructions manual

Along with the handy peg made of aluminum supplied with them, the cables weigh no more than 90 grams, but they can support a weight of 150 kilos!

Thanks to the high-tech material of which they are made – a super high molecular weight polyethylene – they are also exceptionally robust, weatherproof and compact.

Simple and continuously adjustable.

Comes with a tree-friendly tree strap, drip lines, and soft carabiner, making it easy to attach your hammock loop – on being passed through it positions itself transversely to the hammock, and holds firm no matter what amount of strain is put upon it.

This pack includes x2 perfect to hang your hammock between two trees.

Total length: approx. 35 - 150 cm + 90 cm strap (2x)
Weight: 0.9 kg
Load capacity: 150 kg

Super high molecular weight
polyethylene, aluminium

Bag measurements: approx. 13 x 4 cm