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Holiday Sale | 5% Off All Items | Code: XM5
Holiday Sale | 5% Off All Items | Code: XM5

AW16 - Cosy Textiles

Using textiles within an interior space is what creates that final, personal touch and really puts a stamp on the design of the overall theme. Some of this year’s biggest trends incorporate textiles fantastically to establish warmth and colour depth, using eye-catching fabrics and patterns that work uniquely well with soft furnishings. Our collection of fabrics is inspired by this year’s hottest interior trends, designed to blend perfectly with our other Autumn and Winter trend collections.

There are some truly unique pieces within this collection, featuring soft furnishings of cushions, rugs, throws and poufs in the highest quality weaves and fabrics. Spice up neutral coloured interiors with bright and bold vibrant rugs for a bit of exoticism or use try out some denim for a groovy retro feel. The wonderful thing about soft furnishings is that the combinations and possibilities are practically unlimited, so whether you are feeling adventurous or understated there is always a choice for you.

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