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Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Our reclaimed wood furniture collections are crafted from wood that has served its original purpose but given a second life as beautiful furniture. In many cases, the timber bears the markings, paint chips, scuffs and scraps from its original use. However, at the hands of expert craftspeople, the wood has been transformed into furniture that is unique in appearance and has a tale to tell.

Reusing wood sourced from demolished buildings and old fishing boats is a sustainable way to create furniture. The history of the timber enhances each piece, giving it character whilst maintaining durability. A smooth coat of lacquer on top gives the furniture a smooth, polished appearance. Purchase reclaimed wood furniture for your home today and become part of the story.

This exclusive Urban Chic furniture range is crafted from reclaimed wood, salvaged from old buildings in locations such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, Southern India.

Finished in a hard-wearing satin lacquer, which emphasises the unique colours and character of the timber, the pieces include stunning outer frames of steel to ensure sturdy, durable furniture with a fantastic urban edge!

The range features a great selection of reclaimed wood dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards and TV units. It also contains great pieces for the hallway such as a shoe cupboard and a gorgeous console table.

This collection carries a five year manufacturer's guarantee. 

We're proud to be named one of the first approved 'Baumhaus Safe' Tier One certified retailers. This provides you with extra confidence that you can purchase products from the Baumhaus range at the best price, with the best possible service and with 100% confidence that your purchase is safe. Fully insured by Baumhaus.

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