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Holiday Sale | 5% Off All Items | Code: XM5
Holiday Sale | 5% Off All Items | Code: XM5

Natural Elegance

As we move into the latter part of the year we are seeing a move towards more natural materials and especially the finishes that come with it. Raw wood furniture, industrial metal and weathered leather look good, feel great and are easy to live with. These are pieces which celebrate the natural world and bring an urban eclectic feel to your home.

There is a great shift towards more texture and tactility in the home. Wood furniture lends warmth to a home and natural materials like leather last a lifetime and often become more beautiful as time goes on.

Our Natural Elegance collection features a host of pieces, which can help you create a cosy and inviting interior using natural materials. You will find a great selection of reclaimed wood furniture such as sideboards, coffee tables and reclaimed wood dining tables. Dark wood, acacia and mango wood furniture can add a sense of warmth to your interior as well as lovely leather sofas that you can grow in to over time. Accessorise with wicker baskets and wonderfully sumptuous wool rugs to complete the look.

Check out the full collection and find the perfect pieces for your home.

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