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Our Christmas Shop
Our Christmas Shop

Our Christmas Shop

Welcome to our great selection of essentials for Christmas.

Flowers are a great way to instantly brighten a room and bring in a fresh and fragrant aroma. Take your pick of our beautiful collection of vases and create your own stunning centrepiece at home. We have both contemporary and more classically-shaped vases, perfect for placing in the centre of your dinner table or on a sideboard. Browse our collection and enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.

Display flowers in a vase as beautiful as the blooms themselves. We have vases in a variety of sizes, suitable for anything from big bouquets down to a few select stems artfully arranged. Of course, your vase doesn’t just have to contain floral arrangements. Fill a glass vase with fairy lights to create a gorgeous light feature. Alternatively, simply display your vase empty for a decorative statement in any room.