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Trend Alert: True Blue

Trend Alert: True Blue

This Autumn/Winter, Harley & Lola are embracing a statement colour that never seems to go out of fashion with the new True Blue Collection. Using colour is always an interior design must, blue colour schemes are ever popular, especially in darker shades of midnight blue, ink and indigo and can be used to create dramatic atmospheres.

The Colour has History

Navy blue dates back to 1748, when it was used as the colour worn by Navy officers. The long history of the colour gives it a quintessentially classic look that can be brought into the home to give a traditional and cosy feel. It is possible, however, to use lighter shades of blue to create a fresh and modern look within the home. The wide range of shades and hues available means that blue can be used to create a plethora of different styles.

Blue for Autumn/Winter

Blue features prominently in this seasons colour schemes and there are so many possibilities for incorporating the colour into a room; whether it is being used as the featured colour, or is used sparsely to add intrigue to the overall design. Layering different shades of blue can create depth and add interest, particularly when also incorporating different textures through the use of textiles such as a throw, bean bag, or a blue rug for impact. Pairing the Think Rugs Montana rug in Steel Blue with the Lola Quilted Cushion in Teal — both featured in our True Blue collection — showcases exactly why blue works as a way to inject colour and texture into your home.

Think Rugs Montana Rug

Think Rugs Montana Steel Blue by Harley & Lola


Lola Quilted Cushion

Lola Quilted Cushion by Harley & Lola

Statement Walls

If you are looking to redecorate a room, using a shade of blue to create a statement wall can make an instant impact. A statement wall can be created either by using paint, or by hanging wallpaper such as the Debbie McKeegan Leafy Denim Scroll Wallpaper.

Debbie McKeegan Leafy Denim Scroll Wallpaper by Harley & Lola

This wallpaper showcases the pattern created using two shades of blue and highlights the depth and intrigue that can be achieved using this stunning colour.

It is the colour's unrivalled versatility that makes blue such a prominent trend for Autumn/Winter, and makes it an ideal colour to inject some style into your home this season.

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