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Trend alert: Scandi Chic


Scandi Chic is all about seamlessly integrating the traditional aspects of minimalist Scandinavian design with sophistication and luxury appeal, allowing for pieces which can blend into any room, or make a statement in and of themselves. Simple clean lines, light material and a desire for functionality, make this trend truly unique.

Many manufacturers are taking note of the Scandinavian aesthetic and we are seeing a large range of new products launching for this Autumn and Winter period. Taking inspiration from traditional Scandinavian design and traditional materials such as Scandinavia’s light wood, wool, and leather, combined with high-end fashion and elegance, Scandi Chic is here to stay.

Simple, yet Elegant

Showcasing a series of functional and practical straight lines, the Wycombe Dining Table from Frank Hudson personifies minimalist design, showcasing elegance. The rounded legs give it a sense of being different, showing the thought that has gone into the design process. The light oak dining table can be paired wither with benches or chairs - or a mix of both for a contemporary feel.

 Frank Hudson Wycombe Dining table by Harley & Lola

As such, Scandi Chic items are timeless, suitable for all occasions while allowing for any piece to be mixed with different styles and working for different tastes. Add some stylish shapes and colours with a rug such as our Think Rugs Inaluxe Shipping News rug. 

Think Rugs Inaluxe Shipping News by Harley & Lola

This timeless interior style works beautifully in all areas of the home. It can be part of your interior design, or you can take full rooms to the maximum Scandi chic depending your style.

One of our favourite items is the fabulous EOS Light Brown XL which will throw some serious shade in your living space. 

EOS Light Brown XL Shade by Harley & Lola

Whether you’re redecorating a room or need the finishing touches to complete your home's look, you’ll find the perfect piece at in our Scandi Chic Collection.



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Posted on October 10 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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