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Trend Alert: Modern Natural

Trend Alert: Modern Natural

Go back to nature this spring and create a room that projects a fresh and organic ambience. Reclaimed woods steer away from ultramodern design and give the word ‘modern’ a new and original take. ‘Green’ is at the heart of the Modern Natural Collection, which incorporates the use of natural materials including wicker, wool and sustainable wood. Complement neutral earth tones with a springtime burst of green, yellow or blue.

Balmy Green Rug by Harley & Lola

Furniture crafted from solid wood provides lasting quality, as well as being consistently on trend. Reclaimed wood furniture never finds itself out of place in a room and can fit with any style, whether traditional or modern.

Boston Console Table by Harley & Lola

Pair these darker pieces with colourful accessories to offset the deep hues, whether it be the vibrant green of a house plant or the aqua blue of a decorative bowl. Alternatively, throw down a statement rug to tie the room together and give a tranquil and cosy ambience.

Cowhide Rug by Harley & Lola

Consider an environmentally friendly approach to your interior design this spring with reclaimed wood furniture to add character to your room, as well as providing you with utterly unique statement pieces. Pair these pieces with various natural furnishings, such as soft throws, wicker baskets and wooden lanterns, or alternatively, juxtapose the wooden furniture with metallics to create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Finish Bowl by Harley & Lola

Keep things bright with linen shaded lamps as the day turns to night, or if the room lacks natural light. Candles can give a cosy and intimate feel to the room and provide a wonderful burst of scent.

Glass candle by Harley & Lola


The Modern Natural collection will help you to bring nature into your home in a way that feels modern, fresh and organic.

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