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Top 5 Design Trends for Autumn and Winter

Top 5 Design Trends for Autumn and Winter

1) Modern Vintage

Taking inspiration from Mid Century and Scandinavian styles, Modern Vintage is all about minimalism. Light, neutral colour schemes featuring walls of white are the classic choice, unbeatable in accentuating natural light for a bright, chic interior feel. Wood is a favourite material of modern vintage, pine and oak timber adding natural colour tones with lighter shades of wood grain. Scandinavian furniture design celebrates the elegant beauty of clean lines, illustrated in the design of Scandinavian style chairs. Backdrop depth can be created by using a statement wall of darker colour or patterned wallpaper, while furniture in greys, blues and black prevent the space from becoming too clinical.

The heart of Modern Vintage is maintaining minimalism whilst advocating cosy living, hence why this style incorporates soft textures in knitted blankets, throws, faux fur rugs and adventurous Moroccan furnishings. Plants and flowers add a touch of the outdoors, providing rich shades of green and bright colours that pop out against neutral backgrounds, whilst home accessories in black contrast with a classic monochrome theme.

Vita Light Range by Harley and Lola

2) Colour Combinations

Picking a colour scheme that evokes the right personality for a room can be tricky, especially when considering all of the wonderful combinations possible. Coasting in neutral does not have to be boring, grey being the perfect choice for accentuating accent colours. Grey is fantastic when used with all of this season’s biggest trending colours, particularly bright yellow, which can be distributed around the room in soft furnishings or, for the brave and vibrant, by using larger statement pieces.

       Extreme Lounging Bean Bag by Harley and Lola

Blue colour schemes are ever popular, especially in darker shades of midnight blue, ink and indigo, fantastic for creating atmospheres that can range from calming to dramatic.

Indigo Wallpaper by Harley and Lola       

On the other end of the blue spectrum, radiant teals and turquoise feature in stunning home accessories or can be used to the same effect as yellow for colour pop.

        Ocean Rug by Harley and Lola

Considering using wood as a big feature in your interior? Rich dark greens are the perfect partner for a natural mood of zen. Try using greens in shaggy rugs and green cushions for colour depth that mimics those found in nature. The vibrant choice in the range of green hues is lime green, fresh and zesty with silver home accessories.

Fusion Green Rug by Harley and Lola

3) Industrial Chic

Originating from loft and warehouse living, industrial chic is one of the coolest, contemporary interior design trends going. Unfussy and simple, industrial design finds beauty in worn textures of distressed furniture found in reclaimed wood furniture, vintage industrial furniture and raw materials. Industrial design can be approached as an all over make-under approach, entirely transforming interiors using a variety of textures and materials in backdrops and furniture pieces, or can be incorporated through a few select pieces and mixed with another style.

Hoxton Large Chest of Drawers by Harley and Lola  

Hoxton Metal and Wood Stool by Harley and Lola  Brooklyn Tin Wallpaper by Harley and Lola


4) Rustic Raw Materials

Strip the glitz and glamour and go back to basics with the simple beauty of raw materials. Smooth stone like marble, coarse concrete and brick, both shiny and weathered metals as well as a huge range of wood grains, make for a fantastic selection of possible texture and theme combinations. The Raw Material trend fuses aspects found in other interior trends such as industrial chic and Scandinavian style, complementing each for an interesting, more personalised way to design your home. Intrinsic to using raw materials to their fullest potential is variation. Sticking to one type of raw material can look bland and impersonal, whereas pairing materials gives a richer finish. Wood furniture and exposed brickwork is a favourite pairing, popular in industrial chic interior designs.

Hoxton Wine Rack by Harley and Lola     Tribecca Dining Table by Harley and Lola

Just a few raw materials included in the design of a room can flourish to give just as effective a look as a full make over. Raw materials do not just have to be used for backdrops, worktops and statement pieces, working equally well as finishing touches in many types of interiors to add a bit of bold raw finesse. Predominantly using silver and copper, metallic complement or contrast a range of furnishing materials and colours, working wonderfully as finishing touches. A soft wool rug would look equally at home in Scandinavian or industrial interiors, illustrating the diversity of design that raw materials can achieve.

5) Cosy Textiles

An overarching theme of the most popular interior designs this season is in their fantastic use of textiles. Using textiles is not only aesthetically pleasing, but creates an inviting, warm atmosphere that truly makes a house feel like a home. Soft furnishings provide the most customisable part of the design in living spaces, with a vast range of materials to choose from.

Whether it is through colour, pattern or texture, there is such a wonderful range of cosy knits and fabrics to choose from. Whichever you choose to style your interior space, you can be sure to find the right textile to enrich any theme. A leather armchair is a timeless classic, whilst a denim pouffe can be quirky and contemporary. Aztec rugs and Moroccan patterns add a sense of exoticism, or just opt for simple shaggy pile and sofa throws. The opportunity for customisation is practically endless.

Saddle Leather Pouffe by Harley and Lola      Aztec Rug by Harley and Lola

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