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Our Top 5 Dalston Mango Wood Furniture Pieces

Our Top 5 Dalston Mango Wood Furniture Pieces

Crafted from sustainable mango wood, each piece of furniture from the Dalston range is as stylish as it is environmentally friendly. Each piece combines traditional forms with contemporary design to create something truly unique – so without further ado, let’s take a look at five of our favourite pieces from the funky-yet-conventional Dalston range:

1. Dalston Neutral Mixed Set of Drawers

Mango wood furniture is one of this season’s must-have trends, and with one look at this striking statement piece, it’s easy to see why. This set of four offset drawers is equally at home in the living room or bedroom, and the contrasting colours and finishes instantly draw the eye. For additional effect, try pairing with a neutral coloured mango wood dining table.

2. Dalston Leaf Motif Chest of Drawers

The perfect marriage of contemporary and classic design, storage space need no longer be an issue with this 12-drawer unit finished with a minimal leaf print. With an eclectic range of unique handles on each drawer, this piece of mango wood furniture channels cubist architecture to bring contrast to your home.

3. Dalston Stacked Table

A great statement piece for the lounge or living room, this unit can be paired with a mango wood coffee table to achieve the ultimate in bohemian coffee-house chic. It is available with drawers stacked on the left or right and looks great when adorned with African figurine ornaments.

4. Dalston Neutral Staggered Set of Drawers

The beauty of this stunning set of drawers is that it works in perfect harmony with almost any modern or traditional aesthetic. The relaxed design is equally at home next to exposed brickwork as it is when combined with minimalist patterned wallpaper. Each drawer features a different handle for a unique, shabby-chic inspired look that sets the piece apart.

5. Dalston Navy Tallboy

The Dalston Navy Tallboy combines deep blues with cherry hues and bold, contrasting patterns with vintage material to create a set of drawers that is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a stylish, practical and attractive piece that is suited to living rooms, lounges or bedrooms, and will look incredible - no matter where you choose to show it off.

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