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Reclaimed Wood Furniture from Harley & Lola

Reclaimed Wood Furniture from Harley & Lola

Reclaimed wood furniture comes with an exciting history, created using repurposed timber from a source where it's no longer needed. This creates exciting and unique furniture with a story to tell, for example a reclaimed wood coffee table might hold even more stories than the book that's sitting on top of it.

Perhaps your uniquely handcrafted Coastal Chic dining table once graced over the waters as a fishing boat?

Baumhaus Coastal Chic Large Rectangular Dining Table by Harley & Lola

Our Hoxton range of furniture is crafted from reclaimed mango wood from trees that no longer produce fruit for the farmers. this makes it a fabulously sustainable wood and a great stylish and environmentally friendly choice for your home.

Hoxton Mango Wood Sideboard by Harley & Lola

The Unique Look of Reclaimed Wood

You'll discover unique charm in every piece of Harley & Lola reclaimed wood furniture. Each item is making each item a natural work of art.

Reclaimed timber has stood the test of time and when it is restored it'll look naturally at home in modern and contemporary settings. Reclaimed wood furniture is so incredibly versatile, suiting all styles of interior design.


If you're considering the environment, then you won't find a better option.

Reclaimed wood can come from a variety of different sources. Yours may have been a railway sleeper, part of an old building, something from a boat or even an old wine barrel!

You're giving reclaimed wood a second chance. A new life. Nobody needs to chop another tree, to make your reclaimed wood furniture. This is sustainability at its best. It's recycling, reducing your impact on the planet.

There are so many good reasons to buy reclaimed wood furniture from Harley & Lola. Browse our range today, and let a little history into your home.

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