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A Modern Natural bedroom is one that should mix the two ideas of contemporary and rustic style and design. Earthy tones take centre stage in this style of bedroom, and can be found in the rich colour of the wooden furnishings and the vibrant green of the natural decorations that are a key feature of this design scheme.Solid oak and mango wood furniture match perfectly with this type of interior design, as well as reclaimed and sustainable woods. This reclaimed wood side table makes a fantastic and unique statement in any room, and promotes the idea of an environmentally friendly home.

Chunky wooden bed frames work well with this design theme, pick furniture with clean, straight lines in order to achieve a more modern look. Fresh white bed linens will offset these wooden features. Paired with chunky woollen throws and fluffy pillows, the room can mix hardwood with the idea of ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Wicker baskets provide stylistic finishing touches as well as acting as a storage option and tie in with the idea of ‘natural’ within the room.

Lighting is important with earthy tones and heavy furniture, so choose lamps that will brighten up the room and textiles that are light and fresh. These lamps can add colour, or wooden bases can complement the rest of the room. Finish with plenty of house plants and succulents for a touch of green to the room, and achieve the ultimate Modern Natural look in your bedroom.



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Posted on May 11 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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