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Modern Love: Introducing White High Gloss Dining Tables

Modern Love: Introducing White High Gloss Dining Tables

When it comes to modern interior design, you don’t have to go all-out to give your home that much needed edge.

White gloss furniture is a rising interior design trend for those looking to add a dash of modernity to their home. In recent years, white gloss has increased in popularity and its influence is now often found in living spaces such as lounges and dining rooms. It is sleek, sharp and satisfying on the eye.

Rossini Dining Table by Harley & Lola

The Mark Harris Furniture Collection

One of our most popular collections, the Mark Harris Furniture range, boasts several attractive and ultra-modern white high gloss dining tables that can give any home that contemporary kick. Sharp in design and with a powerful shine, a white gloss table instantly makes a bold statement. The reflective surfaces of the white high gloss dining table can lift any room and create an attractive centrepiece that draws immediate attention.

Malibu 180cm Extending White High Gloss Dining Table

White High Gloss Furniture Provides Versatility

Another excellent example of why white high gloss furniture should be considered is the versatility it provides. It can be used in conjunction with other furniture designs, so if you wish to place leather or patterned seating around the table, you could do so without losing any of the modern aesthetics. The tables can also be set out any way you wish without impeding on your interior design, making it an adaptable addition to your home.

The Mark Harris Furniture Collection offers a wide range of white gloss furniture designs, from basic symmetrical shapes to more lavish and unique models, all promising to give any room that ‘wow’ factor. You can be confident that visitors will compliment you on your new piece of furniture, and will want to know where you got it from!

Beckley Solid Wood White Gloss Table by Harley & Lola

For all your white high gloss furniture needs, discover the Mark Harris Collection from Harley & Lola today.


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