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Minimalist Beauty with Modern Vintage Interiors


Modern Vintage emphasises natural light by predominantly using white and monochrome backgrounds, achieving minimalist style that gives a room an open and elegant chic feel. A neutral colour scheme is fantastic on its own or an accent wall can be incorporated using patterned wallpaper, a vibrant bright colour or a dramatic darker colour. This trend is most popularly achieved using vintage home décor and modern Scandinavian furniture design.

Wooden features add depth and warmth to Modern Vintage spaces. A wooden floor achieves this perfectly and wooden furniture can also be used to add depth with the natural richness of wood grain. Solid oak furniture, such as an oak dining table, is a fantastic addition to a Modern Vintage themed kitchen and dining area. Pair with a mix and match approach using retro furniture in vintage dining chairs in combination with Scandinavian dining chairs to create a unique look, full of character.

  Wycombe Dining Table by Harley and Lola    Arlon Dining Chair by Harley and Lola

Scandinavian style furniture in bedroom and living room spaces may come in the form of vintage furniture. A retro coffee table or scandi rocking chair can stylishly feature as a focal points of the rooms design, whilst remaining minimalist. For larger pieces, a grey corner sofa fits perfectly with the vintage theme and can be combined with colourful accessories.

Inaluxe Coda Rug by Harley and Lola   

Modern Vintage decor looks so much more impressive when styled with little pops of colour to prevent the room from feeling too cold and sterile. Darker colours such as blacks and blues really add drama to living spaces, while vibrant colours can be achieved with the use of some vibrant soft furnishings from our Cozy Textiles collection. Playing with textures can be just as important as colour and follows the Scandinavian living philosophy of ‘hygge’, roughly translating to ‘Cosy Living’. Our Modern Vintage collection offers many cosy living room ideas, full of furniture options and accessories to style up this cosy theme. Black, greys and blues can be used in the form of knitted blankets, a knitted pouffe and other accessories to add drama as well as soft textures. Finishing touches can be made by furnishing with copper home accessories and black features such as picture frames and table lamps.Saxo Double Chair by Harley and Lola   Recycled Denim Pouffe by Harley and Lola



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Posted on September 08 2016
by: Sam Kean

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