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Jute - A Timeless Classic

Jute - A Timeless Classic

Jute is all about the here and now, while maintaining long links back through history as a design material of choice. It is easy to grow and has a high yield, making it attractive to cloth merchants of the past as well as interior designers of the present day.

In its natural state, jute strands are long, silky and an attractive golden brown colour; once spun they are durable and coarse, making it an ideal choice for products that need to be hard-wearing yet attractive at the same time. It can be combined with other fabrics and materials to add in a more durable element. Jute is naturally slightly coarser to the touch than cotton, ideal when you want to add a rustic note to your home décor.

Possibly best known for re-usable shopping bags, jute and its flexibility can be easily overlooked; this flexible and attractive fabric can be found everywhere in the home, from floor and table coverings to curtains and blinds. Jute’s hard-wearing nature makes it easy to care for - suitable both inside and out, it can be vacuumed and cleaned with a damp cloth, or dry cleaned if required.

Its natural properties make the fibres perfect for dyeing and absorbing colour, and blue is a popular theme this season.

Berries Rug by Harley & Lola

In this Berries rug, jute is combined with wool and recycled fabrics for a lovely soft feel underfoot, an attractive design and durability, perfect for a busy lounge or hallway. The technique of hand-weaving the wool ensures each piece’s individuality, and the colour themes are right on trend.

Berries Natural & Blue Wool & Jute Pouffe by Harley & Lola

You can complement the cool hues of the rug with a matching pouffe, again hand woven and blending the jute fibres with wool. It makes an ideal piece of additional seating when guests pop round, and the natural texture of the jute and the wool can soften the feel of a room.

Spica Recycled Leather & Jute Rug by Harley & Lola

Teamed with leather, the jute fibres have a different effect, adding strength and flair to the Spica rug. Warm and comfortable with a contemporary feel and a neutral, natural colour, this rug adds an earthy touch to your living space, warming and softening sharp contours.

Jute has a place in every home, how will it transform yours?

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