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The Interior Industrial Revolution

The Interior Industrial Revolution

A revival of the raw and powerful materials historically found in warehouse and factory spaces, Industrial Chic is one of Harley & Lola's favourite trends and a complete step away from the conventional approach to interior design. Revitalising worn textures and distressed furniture, this is one trend that has really taken off, used in some of the coolest modern interiors in a variety of different types of spaces, from lofts and offices, to coffee shops and homes. What we love about industrial style is that it can be used in any interior and does not have to be approached in an all or nothing way as it works amazingly with all types of interior styles.

One of the fantastic things about industrial chic is that many different types of material can be used for different effects. Raw material backgrounds often already exist in the build of loft and warehouse spaces. Distressed wallpapers can be used in variation to give different styled rooms unique feels, working depth of character into the overall design. Exposed brickwork and concrete are fantastic for this, capturing the essence of industrial chic by using the very architecture of the building in the interior design. However, it isn’t just the owners of these properties that can use raw materials to give an industrial style backdrop. Concrete and metal wallpaper is hugely popular in contemporary design as a backdrop with an urban twist, and using a rustic brick effect wallpaper can be just as effective as the real thing at a fraction of the cost, used in a variety of styles for variations in brick texture and colour. Regular red brick is perfect as a statement wall for an authentic, raw industrial feel. Grey brick wallpaper or white brick tiles can be used for a softer background that incorporates a subtler industrial design.

Concrete Panel Wallpaper by Harley and Lola                   White Brick Wallpaper by Harley and Lola

There really aren’t many guidelines when it comes to styling down with industrial chic, presenting a fantastic opportunity to get creative with the extensive amount of material choices that can be worked into industrial interiors. In non-industrial properties a reclaimed wood dining table or reclaimed wood coffee table is a softer way to incorporate this look and can be styled up with the addition of industrial style lighting, with concrete pendant lights and copper pendant lamps being a popular choice. The Harley and Lola urban chic collection is made of reclaimed wood with a distressed paint effect of blue and greens, perfect for adding an industrial chic feel whilst splashing a little bit of this season’s most popular colours into the mix. 

Urban Chic Dining Table by Harley and Lola

Hard materials are at the heart of industrial interiors, with metal work and concrete furniture giving the look the truly gritty, industry textures. Feature a metal side table in living spaces to contrast against the soft textures of sofas, cushions and rugs or use a concrete dining table in combination with recycled mango wood chairs. Metal can be used in varying combinations, with brass and copper being a favourite against neutral coloured walls and furnishing. A perfect example of this would be a brass wall clock against a grey or white wall.

Hoxton Metal and Wood Dining Chair by Harley and Lola                  Copper Wall Clock by Harley and Lola

If going for an all out industrial design, soft furnishings can break up hard textures to prevent them from becoming overwhelming.  Perhaps pair this style with a leather sofa or leather armchairs for another dimension that adds slight decadence and luxury. Check out our eclectic Industrial Chic collection for inspiration and some incredible pieces in this ground breaking style.

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