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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to interior design. Recent trends show that there is great beauty to be had in using raw materials of wood, stone, brick and concrete, to name but a few. These raw materials have been blended into other interior styles, best illustrated by Modern Vintage and Industrial interiors which use rustic raw materials to striking effect, the former using light woods and stone, the latter using anything from exposed brickwork to concrete. Many interior trends also love to use metallic features, rustic in brass and copper, luxurious in silver and gold.

Lime Washed Boards Wallpaper by Harley and Lola

What is so fantastic about raw materials is that they do not need to be overdone. The emphasis is on selecting choice items of high quality and character that you fall in love with and will value forever. Bearing this in mind, you do not need to overhaul your entire interior with leather, wicker baskets or reclaimed wood furniture. The best tip is to use furniture items in this category and fuse them into different styles to add touches of raw beauty around your living area, although industrial chic is an exemption to this rule.

Grey Wicker Baskets by Harley and Lola                   Leather Pouffe by Harley and Lola

Even just a few touches of rustic raw materials can give a room a totally different feel. Whether you choose to use a brown leather sofa as a statement furniture piece, or some mango furniture complete with some glass bell jars, you can create a bespoke raw material look that exudes personality.

Mango Wood Tray Table by Harley and Lola               Bell Jar T Light Holders by Harley and Lola

Metallic pieces are the perfect addition for providing finishing touches in raw material style, instantly exhibiting the fantastic use of raw material design in your interior. Mix them with variations of soft furnishings like wool rugs and plush cushions to contrast and balance out textures. Copper home accessories are a brilliant way to add warmth to darker interiors or to brighten up more modern, lighter spaces in whites and greys.
Key to decorating with raw materials is to make the design your own, incorporating it where you feel pieces would suit best. Check out our Rustic Raw Materials collection for inspiration and a selection of furniture pieces fantastic for revamping your living space with this fantastic modern trend.



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Posted on September 27 2016
by: Sam Kean

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