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Creating Natural Elegance Within the Home


Raw materials make a fantastic base for some stunning furnishings within the home. Eye-catching furnishings can complete a look and are key to creating the wow factor. As we leave summer behind, interior design makes a move towards using natural materials and enhancing the unique finishes that accompany them. Creating a successful look is all about the right combinations. Whether it is uniting sumptuous sofas, featuring hardwood frames and antique worn leather, with beautiful rugs that add a touch of refinement to an otherwise rustic trend, you can create a natural elegance in your home with this new collection. 

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Natural Elegance features beautiful reclaimed wood furniture, which immediately stands out in any room. The contrasting colours and textures, specifically within the Nordic Reclaimed range, help create an enticing atmosphere. Having been fashioned from reclaimed wood from old fishing boats and buildings, the hand-finished furniture will only develop with use in your home. Finished off with the use of steel frames, the furnishings in this range will give your home a touch of urban chic and you will be happy knowing that your piece is slightly more unique than all the others.

Mango Wood Furniture

Not only is this natural and industrial-styled furniture visually striking, it is very functional in the home. Mango wood furniture works great as storage solutions, whilst featuring attractive detailing in the wood. The curves will add a sense of retro charm to any room and the lighter wood adds a feeling of warmth to enhance the rest of the collection, while the dark steel adds depth and contrast to other pieces.

Accessories and Furnishings

Natural Elegance creates a modern look by playing with different materials and textures. The colourful furniture contrasts with blackened steel frames and blends brilliantly with stylish accessories, like wicker baskets and stainless steel dishes and bowls, which add a touch of glamour and bring a much-needed light and vibrancy to the range.

The variety and depth of colours within the Natural Elegance range gives you versatility with your interior design style. By picking out the different shades within the reclaimed wood, you can create a style unique to your own pieces of furniture within your home. Adding an ocean-coloured woollen rug to warm your feet as you get up from a brown weathered-leather sofa could be the finishing touch you are looking for. Alternatively, a splash of urban brick wallpaper on a feature wall could create an urban-rustic charm in your home.

Whether it’s the hues of blues and greens you enhance, or you use the brightness of stainless steel lamp shades to contrast with dark metal frames and add drama to your room, our Natural Elegance collection has something for everyone.



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Posted on September 18 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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