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Aluminium and Texteline Garden Furniture

Aluminium and Texteline Garden Furniture

Picture extremely comfortable outdoor seating in your mind, you may probably imagine aluminium and texteline furniture. This is because, whether poolside or on a classic British lawn, aluminium andtexteline are materials that deliver ease of use alongside their 'wow factor'. For this reason texteline and aluminium chairs, loungers and dining sets are a hugely popular choice for those of us seeking stylish yet practical garden furniture. So what is it about this type of furnishing that makes it such a crowd-pleaser?

They are comfortable 

Firstly, the tight tension of the texteline material - as held together by the aluminium frame - makes the seats extremely comfortable. In most cases you won't need an additional cushion as the texteline itself provides a cushioning effect for the body. It's this luxurious yet cosy quality that'll have you reclining on your aluminium and sling sun lounger all day, or contentedly chatting over long lunches around your dining set.

Versatile and stylish 

Aluminium and texteline garden furniture also hits a home run in the style stakes. Texteline is a very versatile material which offers you endless options when it comes to both colour and form. Do you want vibrant and cheery outdoor furniture, or would you rather something more minimalist and in keeping with Scandinavian or Japanese inspired decor? You can take your pick between bold prints or cool tones, although recent furniture trends have moved towards classic neutrals and low-key greys, both of which afford any garden a sense of modern chic.

Extremely practical 

As well as being sleek and comfortable, aluminium and texteline garden furniture is also wonderfully practical. The aluminium poles which make up the furniture's frame are hollow, and so these chairs and loungers are much more lightweight and easily transportable than their wooden counterparts. On top of this, aluminium does not rust and so can be left outside to face the elements all year round. You need not worry about the durability of the texteline material - this hardwearing fabric has been specially chosen for outdoor furniture as water passes right through it and it dries very quickly in the sun. For this reason sling furniture suits being left outside in any weather. It also means that your seats are simple to clean using a hosepipe or some soapy water.

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