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5 Garden Storage Units you Need to Check Out


Spending more time outdoors means needing to have more of your belongings to hand. This is where our practical garden storage items come in. Fabulously functional, these are also pretty easy on the eye. Let's take a look at five of our current favourites.

Rockwood XXL Storage Box from Norfolk Leisure

This large 570-litre storage box will feel welcome in any big garden with a lot of loose items floating about. It's made from handsome wood-look material that has a waterproof finish so it can be used as outdoor storage all year round. It can also be used as seating when you have some extra guests over.

Rockwood XXL Storage Box 570LT by Harley & Lola

Iceni Storage Bench from Norfolk Leisure

At Harley & Lola, we love a product that has multiple functions. If you are considering purchasing a garden bench, then why not make it a storage bench? This charming piece has a 265-litre capacity and a waterproof finish. It's a truly classic bit of furniture that's surprisingly practical.

Iceni Storage Bench by Harley & Lola

Pacific Lifestyle Large Cushion Box

Creating a comfy place to lounge always involves using lots of cushions. When you're not using them, store them in this beautiful cushion box. This stunning cushion box is a must-have if you have other pieces from the pretty Pacific Lifestyle range in your garden.

Pacific Lifestyle Large Cushion Box by Harley & Lola

Brundle Gardener Brighton Garden Sheds

We adore this seaside-inspired garden shed. If you need to store boring items like garden tools then we advise you to do it in something bright and cheerful! This storage space is crafted from Chinese fir wood and coated with weatherproof polyurethane paint as well as heavy grade felt on the slanted roof.

Brundle Gardener Brighton Garden Sheds by Harley & Lola

Hideaway Storage Shed

This storage shed has all of the functionalities of a classic shed but the subtleties of something much more stylish. It has a sophisticated wood-look finish that will match the rest of your garden and a 1200-litre capacity. We adore the options that this piece offers such as the bin opening as well as the bolt-locked doors.

Hideaway Storage Shed by Harley & Lola

Check out the rest of our storage options on the site. When you need to put something away, we have the perfect stylish solution.

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Posted on June 01 2018
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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