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Harley & Lola and the 'War on Waste'

Harley & Lola and the 'War on Waste'

Waste is one of the major issues facing UK industries and households. We produce a staggering amount of it, 200 million tons in fact in 2012. Many companies are not doing enough in striving to reduce the amount of waste they produce. One of our favourite people, Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall is tackling this very subject in his latest series ‘Hugh's War on Waste’. Catch Hugh on Thursday nights on BBC One or BBCiPlayer targeting the staggering levels of waste produced by the food and packaging industries. The most recent episode featured our man Hugh take on delivery giants Amazon as the worst offender for excess packaging, and expose the three largest UK high street coffee brands on their extremely lax recycling policies.

We are proud to say that at Harley & Lola all of our team are passionate about setting a standard in corporate responsibility to minimise waste. We believe that we have a responsibility to keep the amount of packaging we use to a minimum and, where possible, use recycled materials in packaging and products. That is why our own range of candles and diffusers are packaged in sustainable and bio-degradable cardboard that is both recycled and recyclable!

 Candles by Harley and Lola   Diffusers by Harley and Lola

Our brand values are exemplified in our favourite reclaimed wood ranges. Sourced from Jodhpur in India, these ranges are manufactured entirely from timber reclaimed from derelict houses, fences and out of use fishing boats. Reclaimed wood furniture is so lovely because each piece breathes new life into old timber that would otherwise be wasted, giving unique character and history to every individual piece in the collection.

Reclaimed Wood Range by Harley and Lola

Our mango wood range is another success story of sustainable recycling! When mango trees are too old to bear fruit they are either cut down or simply left to rot. Since these trees have already been purpose grown, it makes sense to give them dual purpose by using the old wood to make handsome hardwood furniture. By using old mango trees to make hardwood furniture, demand for other less sustainable hardwoods can be offset and the environmental impact of the timber furniture industry reduced. All of the smaller mango wood accessories are delivered in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes.

We truly hold the environment close to our hearts at the core values of Harley & Lola. With all of Harley & Lola deliveries we encourage customers to participate in our Green Scheme whereby customers can offset any carbon emissions produced in delivery by purchasing carbon credits through our partner Carbon Clix.

Unfortunately we are not always in control of the packaging used, but along with Hugh, us and you the customer putting pressure on manufacturers, hopefully we can make a difference. 

We hope you tune in to 'Hugh's War on Waste' and are just as inspired as we have been!

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