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Using Colour in Your Dining Room


The dusty pinks and stormy blue tones as seen in the Dusk Till Dawn collections are suited to any room, whether it be one for relaxation or entertaining. A dining room provides the perfect opportunity to promote a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, and the midnight blue of the Dusk Till Dawn collection can be used to add a touch of timeless elegance. 

Dark blue walls can create a wonderfully intimate feel to a dining area, and works best with plenty of light, whether from a window or a chandelier such as the Silvia copper pendant hanging above the dining table.

Reclaimed wood furniture can pair wonderfully with the deep blue if you want a more traditional look, or alternatively go modern with furniture that incorporates shades of grey such as the Saxo reclaimed wood dining table

Contrast these clean lines with upholstered dining chairs to add extra comfort into the room when entertaining.

Accessories can be what elevates a room, and this is just as important in a dining room as it is in any other. Draw the eye to the centre of the room with a decorative table piece, and use this opportunity to add a contrasting colour.



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Posted on July 03 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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