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Top 10 Sensational Christmas Gift Ideas

Top 10 Sensational Christmas Gift Ideas

Receiving a present you have always wanted at Christmas is a fantastic feeling, but perhaps just as satisfying (not really, but you can pretend) is seeing a loved one’s face light up when they love theirs just as much as you had hoped, especially when they did not expect it. Surprising someone with a gift that they did not expect, or even think of, is such a wonderful way to show a loved one that you truly do know their tastes better than anyone else - we can't be blamed for them expecting great surprises every Christmas though! So, if you are a little stuck for ideas and want to bring your loved ones a gift of interior beauty that they can appreciate every day, here is our top 10 list of wonderful home wares for all tastes and fancies.

1) Kingfisher

Do you know an avid nature lover or have a green fingered friend? The Kingfisher garden ornament is one of our best selling sculptures and the perfect gift for anyone who loved spending their time in the great outdoors. Crafted from galvanised metal this is a magnificent example of the quality artisan craftsmanship of our Edge products.


Kingfisher by Harley and Lola

2) Driftwood Wreath

This driftwood wreath looks fantastic adorning any wall with natural beauty, making an excellent and original gift idea. The gnarls and twists of each individual piece of driftwood ensures that every wreath has its own character and no two will look the same. Perfect for creating rustic charm whether hung on its own or adorned with fairy lights for a cosy effect.

Driftwood Wreath by Harley and Lola

3) Bramble Cheeseboard and Knife

If someone springs to mind, or indeed springs to the table as soon as cheese is mentioned, this is the perfect gift to give them this Christmas. Whether their addiction to cheddar is mild (ha!) or they are truly crackers for cheese, the handsome Bramble Cheeseboard crafted from sustainable mango wood will let them create the spread of their dreams every time they get the craving. The board can be purchased with the matching Bramble Knife for a complete set.

Bramble Cheeseboard by Harley and Lola

4) Set of 3 Ammonite Bar Utensils

A magnificent gift for wine lovers and foodies, this set of bar essentials is sleek and sophisticated. Each the corkscrew, stopper and bottle opener is topped with a detailed bronze finished handle in a stylish ammonite fossil design.


5) Antler Candle Holders

This glorious candle holder will make a fantastically festive present. Crafted from aluminium and scored with amazing detail, this is an exceptionally elegant piece of art work that is sure to put a sparkle in your loved one’s eyes as soon as they unwrap it from under the tree.

Antler Candle Holders by Harley and Lola

6) Cowrie Aqua Bowl 

Glossy aqua colour conjures an image of a lush Mediterranean Sea as the bowl curves like a smooth wave. The aqua bowl range is lustrous and stunning in both design and colour, handcrafted by highly skilled artisans. If you know someone who has a Magpie eye for glam and loves the deep blues of the ocean, then this is a spectacular gift to give them this year.

Aqua Bowls by Harley and Lola

7) Root Candle Holders

Crafted from environmentally friendly wood teak, the Root Candle Holders are a great present for lovers of the outdoors. Every swirl and crack is a characteristic feature of the wood the holder has been carved from, making each one a unique piece of totally natural splendour. 

Root Candle Holders by Harley and Lola

8) Cradle Oval Vase

Make sure that next time you have something to apologise for, there is already a perfect place to put the flowers! This gorgeous glass vase makes a delightful place to display all the natural loveliness of flowers or greenery. The design features a cradled aluminium base in a bright nickel finish, and is topped with sleek stainless steel rims.

Cradle Vase by Harley and Lola


9) Candles and Diffusers

An essential entry to any self-respecting Christmas Gift list, candles and diffusers never fail to please, especially when they are as deliciously scented as our own. The Harley & Lola candles and diffusers are 100% natural and environmentally friendly, filling the air with relaxing scents that would make anyone forget about the stresses of everyday life. A thoughtful present for someone who just works that bit too hard and needs some aroma therapy downtime. 

Candles and Diffusers by Harley and Lola

10) Lacquered Cocktail Tray 

This suave customer offers a trendy way to serve cocktails and drinks, or perhaps just a few cuppas on a lazy afternoon. Available in three shapes, each is made from environmentally friendly engineered wood and finished in a high gloss red and black lacquer. A great gift for friends who love to host or are partial to a party.

Lacquered Cocktail Tray by Harley and Lola

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