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Interview with Charlotte Valentine from The Home That Made Me


The Home That Made Me

A behind the scenes chat with Charlotte Valentine about her fabulous blog The Home That Made Me.

For anyone who hasn’t read your blog, can you tell us a little bit about it?

My blog is www.thehomethatmademe.com, it’s an interior & lifestyle blog which specialises in inspiring within the home environment. As an interior obsessed & self-confessed decorating addict, I mainly post about my journey in renovating 135 year old Baylyn House as well as crafting projects, product features/reviews, parenting, organisation, tutorials & top tips.


When did you start blogging and why?

I set up my blog in January 2015 after many comments on my Instagram page www.instagram.com/thehomethatmademe asking for further advice & tips on how I’ve created looks within Baylyn House. I moved house shortly after in March 2015 then had my son in April 2015 so blogging throughout the first year was quite sporadic. However, my New Year’s resolution in 2016 was to take it more seriously to eventually turn the blog & my social media accounts into a profession.


What it is about interiors you love?

Anybody that knows me will know how completely & utterly OBSESSED I am with all things ‘home’. I live & breathe interiors. Some people find enjoyment in sport or cooking, whereas nothing beats the heart thumping moment of seeing beautiful interior inspiration for me.


How would you describe your interior style?

I am a big fan of neutral décor. I’d say that my style is a cross between typical English country & Scandinavian with a hint of cosy.


What has been your biggest interior challenge so far? And why?

When we were redoing our ensuite bathroom, the (cheap!) handyman we used didn’t connect a pipe properly & so we had a huge flood of water coming through our kitchen ceiling. In the process of trying to find the leak, he ripped off the tiled panel in our main bathroom & was about to start taking up floorboards before he realised his simple mistake. The ceiling needed repainting with stain blocker but luckily nothing was ruined downstairs.


The Home That Made Me    The Home That Made Me

What are you favourite interior trends at the moment?

I’m absolutely loving all things copper. It is such a gorgeous natural material which adds warmth & a metallic element to any space.


What is your next interior project?

At the end of the summer I’m going to be turning our home gym into ‘The Home That Made Me’ office seeing as my husband now has a ‘proper’ gym membership or goes running. I’m thinking of going a very pale pink/peach with copper accessories.


What advice do you have for someone about to do a room make over?

Shop around. It’s amazing what you can find now, especially when we have access to the internet with its wealth of brilliant shops including Harley & Lola!


What are you top tips when decorating?

Make sure to get the right paint colour – I’m sure we’ve all been there when we’ve bought a tin of paint then realised half way through painting a room that we don’t love it. I always paint a large piece of paper or cardboard then move it around the room during different times of the day to see how it works in different light.


What are your top tips when buying furniture?

As I change my mind constantly & end up redecorating a room every 6 months, I always buy neutral furniture. This means that no matter what my colour scheme, it will suit the overall look. A bright pink sofa may be the love of your life for a little while but in 10 years will you still be happy with it or is it better to go for something ‘beige & boring’ then mix it up with colourful cushions which you can swap & change whenever you feel like it.


The Home That Made Me     The Home That Made Me

For more tips and inspiration from Charlotte, visit The Home That Made Me.



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Posted on July 19 2016
by: Amy Stagg

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