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NEW Oak Wood Olten Collection by Baumhaus

NEW Oak Wood Olten Collection by Baumhaus

We introduce to you our incredible new Olten range by Baumhaus. This modern range with a classical twist is perfect for anyone looking for living room furniture or dining sets with distinctive, classy style. A truly stunning selection of solid oak wood furniture, the Olten collection showcases the natural beauty of wood grain while offering premium craftsmanship and build quality. Only the finest quality of Oak is used to ensure that an Olten piece has the exceptional strength and longevity to last a lifetime. Each piece receives an oiled oak finish to accentuate the handsome hues of oak wood grain.

The Olten extending dining table offers an elegant yet powerful design to complement a range of interior decors. With a solid furnished oak top and unique base this extendable dining table is incredibly versatile from a design perspective. Not only does it look magnificent but this solid oak dining table is superbly engineered to extend with ease into an eight-seater dining table.

Olten Extendable Dining Table by Harley and Lola

Olten Extendable Dining Table by Harley and LolaOlten Extendable Dining Table by Harley and Lola

The Olten range offers matching pieces within the collection so why not pair this gorgeous piece of furniture with a set of our dining chairs. The Olten Cappuccino Dining Chairs are upholstered in smooth, hardwearing fabric, boasting exemplary modern design and luxurious comfort with a flexible backrest. A set of this dining table and chairs can transform your dining area into the favourite and most stylish room in the house.

Olten Dining Table and Chairs Set by Harley and Lola

How about living room furniture? The Olten collection has some fabulous pieces to add class and style to your living space. The Olten glass top coffee table is a standout piece of the collection with lovely design features including softly rounded corners to create a smooth, shapely appearance. This table will look perfect in combination with any choice of interior design.

Olten Glasstop Coffee Table by Harley and Lola

If in need of some storage space, the Large or Small Glazed Sideboards offer a striking space saving solution. The Large Sideboard pictured is perfect for displaying accessories to personalise your living or dining space and give it that individual feel unique to yourself. Inside, use the three cupboards to display books or ornaments, lit by subtle LED lighting.

Olten Large Glazed Sideboard by Harley and Lola

Why not ‘Get the Look’ and give your indoor spaces flawless, unbeatable style!

As a leading retailer of Baumhaus Furniture, Harley & Lola are very excited to have provided the accessories for the Olten collection photoshoot. Our Accessories and Home Ware Ranges offer a lovely array of accessories that you can mix and match effortlessly to find the perfect combination of design. 

  Oval Aqua Bowl by Harley and Lola    Large Repeat Bowl    Carmina Mini Azure Lamp

Featured on the Olten extendable dining table is the stunning Oval Aqua Bowl with brilliant pearl finish. Match its beautiful azure blue colours with the Carmina Mini Azure Lamp and really give your dining area an unbeatable design. Give your living room the finishing touch and complete the look with our Elements Blue Rug, pictured with the Glass Top Coffee Table. Crafted with top quality wools this rug is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your living space. Atop the Large Glazed Sideboards is our very own Large Repeat Bowl, contrasting beautifully against the dark oak wood with elegant stainless steel tube design.

Olten Collection by Harley and Lola

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