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The Modern Natural look is one that can be applied perfectly to any living space, as it mixes both contemporary and rustic themes. The overall feel of the design scheme is warm and inviting, with natural elements such as raw, repurposed wood and plenty of house plants and succulents.

Creating a Modern Natural look in your Living Room

The sofa is the key feature in any living room, and brown leather ties in well with the earthy tones promoted in the Modern Natural design scheme. Whether you pick a more contemporary design of sofa or a traditional one, both pair beautifully with cowhide rugs or cushions. Grey textile sofas and armchairs also tie in well with the overall scheme, or you can mix and match between the two to create a unique set. 

Coffee tables can be traditional in style, or the room can be given an extra edge by adding some reclaimed wood furniture can look fantastic in any living room. Choose a selection of items or a one off statement item.

Soft furnishings can turn any living room from a cold to a warm atmosphere. Rugs can provide comfort if the room features hardwood flooring, and can tie in with the earthy colour scheme or act as a bold statement piece, such as cowhide or tribal patterns.

Add a splash of green to the room with house plants, which provide a relaxed ambience to the room and bring in the idea of nature and freshness. Furnish the room with wicker baskets for extra storage space.

Make sure our room is well lit with light fittings that tie into the scheme of the room, such as statement pendant lamps or pops of green or yellow.



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Posted on June 01 2017
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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