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Make Any Room Come Alive with the Right Rug

Make Any Room Come Alive with the Right Rug

Here at Harley & Lola, we know just how important it is to create the right look in any room of your property. Putting a little effort into this can really turn your house into a home. While there are various design flourishes you could use to help, a rug can often make the biggest impact.

The most important thing to know first though is how to choose the right rug to use. But what should you take into account before making your final decision?

The Size of Your Room

This is perhaps THE major thing to consider before buying. A rug should not be lost in the space of a room and feel isolated from the overall look. Instead, you should choose a rug that is given context by the furniture present and which blends in with the shapes or colours already in the room. For example, if your interior is simple, a fabulously geometric rug would really set the room off. Try our Plantation Geometric Rug, which comes in a range of colours to suit.

Plantation Rug Co. Geometric Cube Grey and Pink by Harley & Lola

You should also be careful to avoid buying a rug which is too small as this can make furniture look gigantic in comparison. All the rugs we stock come in small, medium or large sizes so you can choose the best fit for your room.

Plain or Patterned?

Next to size, the biggest thing to consider is whether you will opt for a plain rug or a patterned one. This will depend entirely on the overall feel you want the finished room to have. If you want a blast of vibrant colour or a more natural mood, then a plain rug in the desired shade works best. Our fabulous Montana range comes in a great variety of colours, we love this Steel Blue version. 

Think Rugs Montana Steel Blue by Harley & Lola

If however, you need to add interest or texture to your room, a patterned rug may be a better idea. The Nomadic range of patterned rugs we stock in various colours is the perfect illustration of this idea.

Plantation Rug Co. Nomadic Blue/Pink by Harley & Lola

Position and Material 

A rug is fabulous for bringing warmth underfoot but also superb for defining the purpose of one single area in any room. To get the best effect, think where you position any rug carefully and what purpose it serves in the whole space. You should also pay attention to the material any rug is made from as this can really affect how it feels and looks. The Artic rug from the Plantation Rug Co., for example, is made from pure wool which is ideal for rooms which need warming up.

Plantation Rug Co. Arctic Natural by Harley & Lola

Find the Ideal Companion to any Room

At Harley & Lola, we have a wide choice of luxurious rugs to choose from. From our funky Fiona Howard rugs to our Plantation Rug Co. range, it is simple to find one you love. If you need a quick and effective way to change up the look of your home, they are a very wise choice.

Browse our full range of rugs!

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