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Host The Perfect Olympic Party

Host The Perfect Olympic Party

Every four years a spectacle of sporting greatness sees the world light up in celebration of what is known as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. After an already incredible summer of sport, the worlds gaze turns to Brazil for the main event… The Summer Olympics. Brazil is known for its party atmosphere, full of vibrant and lively people and Rio is the heart of this party nation with world famous Carnival samba dancing and colourful costumes. 2016 could well be one of the most exciting Olympics in history and certainly one that will captivate the world with an atmosphere of dancing, celebration and partying.

Rio Carnival

While Rio comes alive, invite the party into your home and celebrate like the Brazilians by hosting a Brazilian themed Olympian party. Here are some of our ideas to really get the celebrations going as your cheer on the nation and your favourite athletes. No surprises for guessing who our favourite Jamaican is!

Since you are the host why not deck your home out as if it was the host city of Rio. Hang up colourful streamers, bunting and ribbons in the Olympic colours and drape the biggest Brazilian flag you can find! Some inflatable parrots on perches in the home and garden trees should finish of the theme nicely and make your home the most colourful on the street. For your own costume, why not try and get your hands on a Carnival outfit for guaranteed best dressed of the night. Tell your guests to come in the colours of their home nations or just randomly assign them to really make it a vibrant celebration of the multicultural greatness of the Olympics.

Now all there is needed to get the festivities started is delicious Brazilian snacks and drinks. The classic Caipirinha cocktail is a summer drink that is wonderfully refreshing and sweet. Get your hands on some Cachaça (made from fermented sugar cane), which you should be able to pick up at most supermarkets, and simply mix with lime, caster sugar, ginger, mint and ice. Recipes and instructions can easily be found online so find the one that you like best and delight your guests with the cool, refreshing taste of Brazilian Summer. If you have a sweet tooth Brigaderiros make the perfect party snack. Simply simmer condensed milk, add cocoa powder and then whisk in butter before rolling the mixture into balls or any shapes you choose. Roll them in chocolate sprinkles for the ultimate sugar high.

Caipirinha   Brazilian Flags

Now everything is prepared…. READY, SET…. PARTY

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Sebastian Annable - August 12, 2016

This is really good! Thanks Sam X

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