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Garden Party Nights & Outdoor Lights


It’s a warm Summer morning, the Sun is shining bright! You pull back the duvet and stretch, thinking that today would be perfect to invite friends and family over for that BBQ or dinner party you’ve been looking forward to all year. You start planning what you are going to cook, who you are going to invite…. you glimpse out the window. Is your garden party-ready? Or does it need a little sprucing up? We have some delightful ideas to really bring the Summer to your garden and ensure the fun can carry on past the last of the evening Sun.

Tidy up the lawn and setup the grill for a day of BBQing. If your outdoor furniture, grill or patio is looking a little dirty, you might want to consider a pressure washer. Not only do pressure washers blast away mould and dirt with ease, they are incredibly satisfying to use. Keeping garden furniture clean can be a chore but with our Westminster range, cushions are made from weather impervious Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella will not fade or degrade and even the toughest stains and mould can be washed away with plain water and a cloth.

Music always livens up a party. These wireless Bayan Soundscene speakers with UV resistant colours, water resistant design and a high quality sound system are just perfect for the outdoors. Connect up to 8 with Bluetooth to really fill the air with some of your favourite classics or Summer anthems as you and your guests enjoy chilled drinks and BBQ all day long.

Bayan Soundscene Speakers by Harley and Lola

With bellies full and the Sun going down, delight your guests with natural garden lights. This Summer’s popular theme is outdoor lighting. At Harley & Lola we have a lovely array of candle lanterns and rustic fire pits that are sure to add a magical touch come sun down. Warm up with the fiery glow of burning logs with the stylish weather proof Fire Pit or cast iron Fire Basket.

Black Fire Pit by Harley and Lola Fire Basket by Harley and Lola

The flickering flame cast by candle lanterns is fabulous for outdoor spaces. Decorate trees or flowerbeds with our variety of Hurricane Lantern sets. The Copper Hurricane Lantern Set is fabulous for flowerbeds and patios, with its chic, nautical feel whilst our stainless steel and glass Hanging Hurricane Lantern Set looks amazing hanging from the branches of trees. Use in combination to really add a dazzling natural, enchanting glow to any outdoor space.

Copper Hurricane Lantern Set by Harley and Lola Hanging Hurricane Lantern Set by Harley and Lola



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Posted on June 24 2016
by: Sam Kean

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