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Cozy Bay Milos Collection

Cozy Bay Milos Collection

Want to get some unique, and stylish furniture for your lovely garden? Take a look at the imaginative shapes and interesting styles of our Cozy Bay Milos Range garden furniture. This range features rattan weave seats and aluminium frames to create sleek, beautiful outdoor furniture pieces.

Milos 6 Seater Dining Set by Harley and Lola

You may have heard of Rattan but you may not know exactly what is is. Rattan is actually a type of vine growing mainly in parts of Asia. It has a very strong structure, though conveniently bendable (using a process known as wicker), and has an exceptional look. Stylish furniture which weights considerably less in contrast to other furniture of the same size. They are also weatherproof, which makes them ideal for use in gardens. Nowadays, with the advances in technology, the joints between each wood are much more well adhered than before, with the finishing coat added, a masterpiece is created.

Milos 4 Seater Dining Set by Harley and Lola Milos Bar Set by Harley and Lola

The Milos range from Cozy Bay features a great selection of furniture sets, tables and chairs with aluminum frames and rattan seats, lounge sets and bar sets which are all available in Light Taupe or Black.

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