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Seasonal Soft Furnishings and Fantastic Fabrics


Throughout all beautiful interior spaces, accessorising with soft furnishings is essential for adding that final, cosy finishing touch. While hard furnishings and statement pieces make up the bulk of interior design, what really makes a house feel like a home is the use of soft furnishings to imprint a personality and a warm feel. Household textiles come in a variety of materials and furnishings, from shaggy rugs and colourful throws to denim pouffes and leather stools.

    Denim Stool by Harley and Lola

The most wonderful thing about using textiles is their versatility and potential for customisation. A very different look can be accomplished with merely a change in textiles, leaving you no need to completely redesign your interior with larger, more expensive furniture. What we love about textiles is the practically limitless combinations you can use, so no matter your tastes just go with what grabs you and make it yours. Varieties in textures and material are definitely encouraged!

Adam Daily Balance Rug by Harley and Lola

Drawing inspiration from our other top trend selections for this coming year, we have created a wonderful Cosy Textiles collection that makes restyling your home as easy as purchasing a new rug and some cushions. Whether you are a colour creationist or have a passion for patterns, there are vibrant Aztec Rugs and stylish, soft wool rugs to choose from within our fabulous selection, as well as some other incredible options. Work your way up from floor to sofas with some of our unique pouffes in textiles you would not normally think to use. Denim anyone? Textile trends are all about creativity and playfulness so get adventurous and add some spice to your interior.

Aztec Rug by Harley and Lola          Denim and Wool Pouffe by Harley and Lola



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