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Accessorise with Garden Sculptures

Accessorise with Garden Sculptures

Garden sculptures are a great way to accessorise and update any outdoor space. Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

Garden Goose

Nothing quite says calmness and serenity like the relaxing image of a goose, and this stunning garden sculpture, made of intricately woven together metal strips, is a great addition to any garden. The unique appearance of this lovely garden sculpture will get your guests talking about more than just the great food.

Garden Flame

Stunning, striking, alluring. These are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind when looking at this Garden Flame sculpture. With its reflective stainless steel exterior mirroring the beauty of its surroundings, this is one piece sure to impress any dinner party guest. Hide it subtly in the corner of the garden, or make it centre stage as the sun rays reflect off the stainless steel.

Garden Hen

This beautiful Garden Hen brings that much-loved animal presence to any garden, but rest assured, there are no coops to clean out or straw to buy. In terms of the material used for this striking garden sculpture, the Garden Hen is constructed of twisted metal strips and galvanised tags, which are weaved together in an unique fashion to create a perfect and unique sculpture. Tuck this one away amongst the flowerbeds and give your guests a real surprise.


We all know the feeling. Bird seed is out and waiting, the garden is blossoming; all that's needed is a beautiful bird to come and complete the picture. Well why wait? Send this beautiful Weaver bird sculpture into your garden and create the perfect scene of summer serenity. As well as the beautiful interweaving of the powder-coated galvanised metal that has been used to create it, this glorious Weaver bird sculpture sits high off the ground, giving it a real visual impact.

Wiggle Duck Mother

Most nature treks will involve peaceful ducks gliding across the top of ponds, or waddling around with their little babies in tow. The Wiggle Duck Mother sculpture is the perfect and quirkiest way to bring this symbol of beautiful nature right into your garden. Its distinctive look is created thanks to nickel-plated coiled wire which has been lovingly fashioned to create a stunning spectacle based around that oh-so-warming image of a mother duck.

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