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Amazing mango wood

Amazing mango wood

Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing with you the story of our reclaimed wood collections. We love these pieces of furniture as they’re unique in appearance and give otherwise discarded wood a new lease of life. The timber used in our popular Urban Chic and Reclaimed Driftwood ranges has been sourced from demolished buildings and old fishing boats in Southern India. However, there’s another type of wood we love that’s just as sustainable – mango wood.

Naturally, the main purpose of a mango tree is to produce fruit. However, when that no longer happens, the tree is chopped down and the wood is discarded. This is an unfortunate waste of a beautiful and hardwearing material.

One of the many appealing aspects of mango wood is the beautiful grain. This is made up of many different colours and tones, ranging from a dark or light green to light brown hues. Although lovely in its natural form, the colours in mango wood really shine through with a few coats of polish – a look that only improves with age.

Why let this gorgeous material go to waste? By repurposing mango wood for furniture and home wares, everyone benefits – from the environment to the people enjoying these items in their homes. To show you the versatility of mango wood, here are some of the favourite pieces in our collections.

Aluminium & Mango Wood Clock

Aluminium & Mango Clock by Harley & Lola

This timepiece is a chic combination of mango wood, aluminium and nickel. We love the simple design that would easily fit into both vintage and contemporary interiors.

Hoxton Blackboard Hanger

 Hoxton Blackboard Hanger by Harley & Lola

The Hoxton Blackboard Hanger is a stylish yet practical piece of furniture. Set within the mango wood surround are blackboards where you can note down important tasks for the day or reminders to family members.

Dalston Leaf Motif Small Set of Drawers

 Dalston Leaf Motif Small Set of Drawers by Harley & Lola


The Dalston Leaf collection is an excellent example of the different looks that can be achieved with mango wood. Finished in a grey wash, the Dalston Leaf Motif Small Set of Drawers features four offset drawers with a delicate leaf motif across the front.

Bramble Salad Bowl

 Bramble Salad Bowl by Harley & Lola


The Bramble Salad Bowl does a great job of showing off the beautiful grain found in mango wood. This particular piece has been finished with hand crafted aluminium brambles and flowers.

Hoxton Wine Rack & Storage

Hoxton Wine Rack & Storage by Harley & Lola



Another stunning item in the Hoxton range, this wine rack provides ample storage for your wine collection. The mango wood boxes beneath give you even more storage options for kitchen or dining room essentials.

We have many more items crafted from gorgeous mango wood – explore them all here.

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