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Our favourites: Reclaimed wood furniture

Our favourites: Reclaimed wood furniture

Our reclaimed wood furniture is one of our most popular collections – and it’s easy to see why. Crafted from timber salvaged from sources like fishing boats and old buildings, these pieces are both charming and characterful. It’s also refreshing to have furniture in your home that has been made in a sustainable way, giving new life to wood that would otherwise be discarded.

In celebration of our most distinctive items of furniture, we’d like to share with you a few of our favourite pieces.

Dalston Chest of Drawers

Dalston Chest of Drawers by Harley & Lola

The Dalston Chest of Drawers is as stunning as it is functional. The 11 drawers offer excellent hideaways for a whole manner of items and household ephemera. However, the thing we love most about this design is the eclectic range of handles that have been secured to the drawers. The lack of symmetry turns this functional piece into a style statement that suits a variety of interiors.

Another design feature we love about the Dalston Chest of Drawers is that it has been crafted from solid mango wood. This material has an appealing warm cherry hue. It is also a fine example of our commitment to sourcing sustainable furniture. When mango trees stop bearing fruit, they’re cut down and the wood discarded. However, increasingly this timber is being rescued by craftsmen and transformed into high quality furniture.

Explore the full Dalston furniture range and discover similar pieces made from beautiful mango wood.

Roadie Chic Coffee Trunk

 Roadie Chic by Harley & Lola

The Roadie Chic Coffee Trunk is a real Rock ’n’ Roll piece of furniture. Made from salvaged wood, the trunk looks like it could be carrying essential kit on a worldwide tour. However, in truth this is an extremely functional piece of furniture. The trunk opens to reveal a storage compartment that’s fantastic for stowing away anything from fleece throws to vinyl records. The chunky wheels are also handy for positioning the trunk in just the right place. These can then be locked to stop the trunk moving.

Love the look of the Roadie Chic Coffee Trunk? See the full Roadie Chic range and discover similar pieces.

Driftwood Reclaimed Writing Desk

Driftwood Reclaimed Writing Desk by Harley & Lola

The Driftwood Reclaimed Writing Desk is another favourite piece in our reclaimed wood collection. Like the Dalston Chest of Drawers, it’s made from salvaged wood but from a very different source. The materials used to make this striking desk originate in the Rajasthan region in north-west India. Here, old fishing boats are broken down and the wood transformed into furniture using traditional methods.

The quality of the Driftwood Reclaimed Writing Desk is quite exceptional. In addition to its sturdy construction, the desk is finished with a tough natural varnish. This keeps wear to a minimum and allows the paint colouring to standout. As the wood is reclaimed, it means no two desks are the same.

See our full Reclaimed Driftwood collection to discover more unique items of furniture.

We haven’t included our fabulous Urban Chic collection in this favourites list as it has been away for a little design update. Don’t fret, it is back in a couple of weeks and we will share our favourite pieces with you soon.

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