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Discover the Origins of our reclaimed wood furniture

Discover the Origins of our reclaimed wood furniture

This week we launched our #Origins campaign on social media. Over the next few months, we will be sharing with you the story of our reclaimed wood furniture collections. These exquisite pieces have been created from timber that has served its original purpose. However, at the hands of expert craftsmen, the wood has been transformed in beautiful furniture. Read on to discover the origins of these pieces and the journey they have taken before arriving in your living room.

Our story begins in Jodhpur, India


Images by Tom Maloney

Jodhpur is a medieval city in the northwest Indian state of Rajasthan. Towering over the sprawling network of streets is the 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort. Crouched solemnly upon a rocky outcrop, this former palace is now a museum.

While this relic of a prosperous past is impressive to gaze upon, the most distinctive thing about Jodhpur is the vivid blue colour that adorns the walls of many of the buildings, resulting in Jodhpur being more commonly referred to as “The Blue City”. Traditionally, blue signified the home of a Brahmin, a caste in Hinduism consisting of priests and teachers. However, non-Brahmins have adopted the blue tint for their own as it is thought that the hue repels insects.

From fishing boats to beautiful furniture

Jodhpur is also significant as it is where the timber in our reclaimed furniture collection is given a new lease of life. Sourcing wood from old fishing boats and derelict buildings, craftsmen in the city handcraft this unwanted material into objects of beauty, using traditional wood-working methods.

In many cases, the wood bears the marking and paint flecks of its original use. A natural lacquer finish enhances this wear and tear. However, rather than blemish the surface, these distinct markings add character to the furniture, making every piece unique.




This solid and durable furniture is a testament to the skills of Jodphur’s carpenters and will make a lasting impression in your living room. Discover and shop the full collection of reclaimed wood furniture. As well as repurposed boat timber, we also have furniture constructed with mango wood – a gorgeous natural material that would otherwise go to waste.

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