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How to Have a Green Halloween...........

Who's excited about Halloween? We are! This is probably one of our favourite times of the year and can’t wait to embrace spooky celebrations and dress up in some kind of eerie costume.

We were surprised to discover that Halloween can be extremely damaging to our environment and wasteful. There are many ways you can have a green Halloween though and we wanted to share some tips with you. But don't forget to have fun as well!

  1. PUMPKINS - When scooping out the insides of your pumpkin, don’t throw away the contents! Instead make something delicious with it. Over 18,000 tons of edible squash gets thrown away in the UK every Halloween, and that’s simply too much. There are some great recipes out there. How about making a pumpkin soup and roasting the pumpkin seeds? Also make a day out of picking your pumpkins and take a trip to your local farm. Although this is more a popular event in the US, the UK are cottoning on and more farms are offering a PYO pumpkin service. It’s a great way of supporting them and fun for the children (and adults too *wink wink*). Secretts and Crockford Bridge Farm are probably the closest PYO farms to London.
  2. COSTUMES - Every year we spend lots of money on costumes that are only worn once. Instead of throwing away your costumes reuse or even swap with friends and family. There are lots of places you can buy second hand costumes. Visit your local charity shop or even have a gander on eBay. Beyond Retro also have a great selection of second hand costumes every year. Halloween costumes are made from flammable man-made materials and can be toxic to the environment if sent to landfill.
  3. LIGHTING - Choose LED lighting when it comes to lighting up your house. LED lights are far more energy efficient than incandescent.
  4. CANDY WRAPPERS - it's amazing how many sweets get eaten over Halloween. Help your planet by recycling your sweetie wrappers. Terracycle started off in the US but launched in the UK last September. You can send them your unwanted sweet wrappers and they will happily recycle them for you. Simply visit their website for more info.
  5. DECORATIONS - Reuse and make your own Halloween decorations. There are all sorts of materials you can use that you can find around the house. Try and use materials that can be recycled easily… like paper, tissue paper and cardboard.

If you have any other green tips to share with us, we would love to hear!

Happy Halloween from the H&L team!

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