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It’s all about the lighting!


All rooms need a mixture of lighting, be it simple background light or accent lighting to highlight a unique feature. The living room is where you are likely to spend most time, so it's worth investing in ideas to make it suit your needs.

Lighting design is a key aspect when you start thinking about creating an inviting atmosphere for the living room. No matter the size of the room, it can make a great difference in how the room feels. Great wall lighting can add a moody ambiance to a room.


We all spend a long time making sure we have the most comfortable seating area, the perfect coffee table, side tables and accessories. Ultimately what is going to bring all this together is the lighting.

A living room is expected to have different seating areas and each chair may require its own lighting. A sofa may require practical lighting for reading, while armchairs can be lit effectively with lamps utilising the beautiful side tables.


Great lighting can be used in many ways, and should be layered to suit your needs. A great way to create balance is to choose a couple of table top lamps with similar shades or patterns and then mix in slimmer elegant floor lamps to bring lighting all around the room.

With so many beautiful lamp designs available now, these can become feature pieces in their own right.


It’s all about the lighting! Find inspiration for creating the perfect ambiance in your living space from our great  selection of lamps.



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Posted on December 05 2014
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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