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Promoting Change for Climate Week


In order to celebrate NYC Climate Week and encourage people to think about their impact on the environment we are offering 10% off all our reclaimed and sustainable wood furniture ranges. Simply enter “climateweek” at check out to receive your discount.

Hundreds of thousands of people across 150 countries took part in the People’s Climate March on Sunday 21st September. It has been called the biggest ever call-to-action on climate change in advance of the start of Climate Week in NYC.

NYC Climate Week aims to raise awareness over carbon emissions and their link to global warming. Climate change is not a far-off problem; it’s happening now and is having very real impacts on people’s lives. Climate change is disrupting weather patterns, causing draughts and floods across the world. It is also impacting national economies, costing us dearly today and even more tomorrow.  But there is a growing acknowledgment that affordable solutions are available now that will enable us all to move toward a cleaner planet.

A major report published last week, The New Climate Economy, showed that many of the actions we have to take to prevent future generations from facing huge risks from climate change would also have other more immediate economic benefits. Carbon reducing projects can bring a host of local community benefits, such as improved health, education, cleaner water resources, transfer of technology, employment and fuel savings, according to the research produced in partnership with the International Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Alliance (ICROA).

"Carbon offset programmes deliver substantially more benefits than expected -- bringing value that might previously have been hidden," said the report.

The amount of carbon reduced by such projects has been measured and verified for many years, the authors say. But until now, there has not been academic research to measure and value the impact of investing in carbon offset programmes beyond reducing emissions, they added.

At Harley & Lola we are very aware of our impact on the environment and try to minimise it in everything we do as a company and individuals. We try to source sustainable and reclaimed furniture ranges to minimise the impact on the environment. We also offer carbon neutral delivery on all purchases, thereby balancing out the emissions caused by the transportation.

We work very closely with CarbonClix to select offset projects, which not only help to reduce carbon emissions but also have local community and economic benefits. One of these projects is our cookstove project, which not only helps reduce the amount of black carbon released into the atmosphere it also prevents millions of women dying from related diseases and benefits the local communities.







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Posted on September 23 2014
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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