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Caring For Reclaimed Wood Furniture


As we carry an extensive selection of reclaimed wood furniture we feel it is worth providing a few tips on how best to care for it and ensure you get an extended enjoyment of your purchase.

Reclaimed wood furniture provides pieces that have unique characteristics, which are unlikely to be found in any other pieces of furniture. Reclaimed wood has extraordinary finishes, grains, character marks and colours that make them completely unique.


Choosing reclaimed wood sources means we’re not destroying new trees to make wood furniture. We are instead taking wood from structures that are no longer required. The wood is perfectly fine, and it can be applied to a number of furniture possibilities.

Small nail holes, cracks, splits and old joints are part of the nature of this type of wood and should be expected. 

All of our reclaimed wood furniture is finished with a resilient environmentally friendly satin lacquer which is hardwearing yet still emphasises the beautiful character in the timber. This will protect your furniture in years to come, however, there are some simple things you can do to keep your reclaimed furniture looking great year after year.



  • Prevention is an essential step to caring for your reclaimed wood furniture. It’s also fairly easy to carry out. For example, you can prevent water stains by simply cleaning the piece of furniture with a wet cloth, and then drying it off with a dry cloth.
  • Keep the piece of furniture away from direct sunlight and hot items, particularly in the case of dining tables.
  • Central heating use during the winter can lower humidity levels considerably and therefore it is a good idea to place a glass of water in the room to enhance humidity.



  • Use a softened cloth for regular dusting, and keep in mind that a slightly dampened lint-free cloth (a tea towel or an old t-shirt) can go a long towards preserving the integrity of your furniture.
  • Avoid furniture polishes, as they can build up residues that can be extremely appealing to dust mites.
  • Rustic tables can have shallow cracks into which crumbs can fall. Simply using a brush (small paintbrush works best) to extract the crumbs can easily solve this problem.


Stain repair:

  • In many cases, a substantial grease stain can be taken care of by applying salt to the damaged area.
  • In many cases, a ring or watermark can be eliminated with a gel-free toothpaste.

Caring for your reclaimed wood furniture in the home couldn’t be easier and will provide you with years of use and enjoyment.



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Posted on September 10 2014
by: Steve Abraham

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