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Add Instant Style to a Space With Unique and Original Lamps


You may think of the lighting in your home simply in terms of practicality; you need overhead lighting in larger areas and soft lighting in the bedroom, and of course outdoor lighting for those summer nights. However, lighting and light fixtures can also contribute to the style and sense of comfort in your home, and unique lamps can be stylish accessories in a space. Taller models can add warmth and visual appeal to an otherwise empty corner and tabletop lighting can cast a soft glow on a seating area.

Lighting can add instant charm and appeal to your home environment with unique and original lamps.


Shop for Visual Appeal

You might need to choose a light fixture based on how much light it gives off if you’re trying to add light to a cold basement or far corner, but there are so many stylish options available today you shouldn’t settle for something plain and drab. Metal can be a good option for modern décor but it can also seem cold and impersonal. Instead of these choices, try lamps that have lots of depth and visual appeal. Soft fabrics are good for shades and you might choose materials other than metal such as wood or ceramic.



Try Wall Models

One challenge that many people face when setting up lighting in small spaces is that they don’t have much room especially for larger fixtures. There may not be room in a corner for lighting if your furniture takes up most of the footprint in your space, and your may have small tables that also won’t accommodate lighting fixtures.

A good solution to this is to use wall lamps. These can be hung like artwork and they can add light to any corner or room.

You might incorporate this type of lighting with your other art pieces or create a grouping. If you add a few mirrors around your wall lighting then you can light an entire space quickly and easily or use just a small wall fixture for a soft glow. This will add personality and charm to your room without taking up unnecessary floor space.


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Posted on August 29 2014
by: Steve Abraham

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