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Why We Love Oak Furniture


We always try to source the most sustainable wood furniture products available and recently we have been finding a great selection of sustainable oak wood furniture products.

Sustainable wood is typically is grown in environmentally responsible forests in order to address green house gases and as a result reduces potential harm to the environment.

Many of these forests are governed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which is an independent non-profit organisation promoting the protection of forests for future generations.

For example both our Mobel Oak and Hampton Furniture ranges are crafted from FSC managed forests.




Other oak furniture ranges are all still sourced from sustainable and managed plantations.


Why Oak?

Oak is a very solid, durable wood and makes for exceptionally stylish and hardwearing furniture. It is used to craft a variety of furniture products ranging from beds, cabinets, and sideboards to coffee tables. All our oak furniture is solidly built to last and resist most damage. With the right care our ranges can last a lifetime.

Durability aside oak is a beautiful wood to work with and is particularly good for crafting pieces such as tables and cabinets. The uniqueness of each piece of wood shows off the beautiful grain, which can be made up of many different colours and tones.

Oak can be shown off in its natural form or painted to showcase the excellent design work.



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Posted on August 27 2014
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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