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Our 5 Favourite Reclaimed Wood Pieces This Month


We see the term ‘reclaimed wood furniture’ used a lot these days– but where exactly is the wood from? Typically the wood comes from large structures (bridges, buildings, docks etc.), which have reached the end of their useful life and is then broken down and reconstructed into unique chairs, tables and cabinets.


In the case of our Urban Chic, Shiva, Boston and Reeva ranges the pieces are created using discarded timber from rural India, including old fishing boats, fences and demolished homesteads.

Every piece of furniture crafted from reclaimed wood is unique with its own knots and grains forming patterns on it, any imperfections simply add character to the piece.


Reclaimed wood furniture is also perfect for those who are conscious about the environment. We are essentially giving a new lease of life to old wood as well as preventing further forests being chopped down.

We love reclaimed wood furniture and are constantly on the look out for exciting products. Take a look at our existing ranges, which are an eclectic mix of rustic feel and ultra modern design.



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Posted on June 05 2014
by: Steve Abraham

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