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Introducing the Harley & Lola Range of Diffusers and Soy Candles

Introducing the Harley & Lola Range of Diffusers and Soy Candles

We are thrilled to be introducing our new range of Harley & Lola candles and diffusers! We have taken a lot of care to ensure that both our candles and diffusers are crafted from natural products with no artificial ingredients. All our packaging is sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable, the cardboard packaging is recycled AND recyclable! They are also made in the UK, supporting local businesses!

Harley & Lola Candles and Diffusers

Our candles are crafted from natural soy and use cotton wicks, making them safe for both the home and the environment. The soy used in creating the candles is free of all pesticides, GM products and any manmade dyes - so completely natural.

Soy candles burn for longer than the alternatives (including paraffin) and burn evenly without creating soot or harmful carcinogens - as well as of course creating a beautiful scent in your home.

Harley & Lola Scented Candle
Our reed diffusers use both environmentally-friendly carrier oils and naturally occurring scents. The natural reeds help diffuse the oil more effectively and makes them last longer.

Harley & Lola Reed Diffuser
The scents of both candles and diffusers come from entirely natural sources and are spread across a variety of different scent groups, from floral to spicy. All of them smell delightful - well we think so anyhow!

Special mention goes to the vanilla and orange candle, which has an unusual combination of cool citrus and warm vanilla, which is sure to energise any party! Otherwise choose from  Sandalwood, or Honeysuckle & Jasmine, or maybe Mimosa and Mandarin is more your style.

Scented Candle by Harley & Lola

For a fresh garden feel choose from the delightful English Rose or a succulent Mediterranean Fig (we do love a fig or two here at Harley & Lola HQ).

See the full range of candles and diffusers here.
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