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Create a Calming Space This Spring

Create a Calming Space This Spring

Spring is in the air, and it's a perfect time to really pay attention to your nest, making sure that your environment feels fresh and nurturing and is a true haven of calm. 

Spring cleaning is something we naturally tend towards as the days get milder and longer. Deep cleaning is a great way to get rid of winter and move forward to lighter days. Unblocking drains, clearing cobwebs and steaming soft furnishings all make for an improved flow of energy through your home and an overall sense of lightness and clarity.

Decluttering as you go will make a huge difference to the tranquility of your home. Surround yourself with items that are beautiful, meaningful or functional can ensure that everything you come into contact with will be pleasing to you in some way and make a positive contribution to your day.

Turn your attention to drawers stuffed with old paperwork and have a cathartic camp fire in the garden. Empty out your wardrobe and be ruthless. If you haven't worn it for a year you are probably not going to, so simply let it go. Make sure to reward yourself for a job well done and enjoy a favourite treat at the end of the day, soaking up the serenity you have created.

Chadwick Range by Harley & Lola

Pay attention to the furniture you choose to have in your space - is it really serving you or cluttering up the flow of energy and people through your rooms? Ensure the pieces of furniture you keep in your home are truly pleasing and functional, as well as carefully placed. 

You can also pay attention to the shape of your furnishings: angles and curves are both welcome but a balance between the two is ideal. Symmetry is calming for the mind and pleasing to the eye, so consider in your careful placement of pieces where there are opportunities to create symmetry and balance in your surroundings.

Now that your space is clear, clean and clutter-free - let the light shine in! A good set of sunshades or light day time curtains can let the cleansing and soothing power of the sun shine into your space, without compromising the privacy of your tranquil nest. Feng shui principles encourage as much light as possible to stream into your home, so out with dusty drapes and in with lighter alternatives - there are plenty to choose from.

Vita Carmina Lamp by Harley & Lola

Think also about ventilation and good flow of calming and uplifting fresh air through your home. Even in cooler weather it is important to open the windows for at least a little while each day - you'll rest better for it. Another great way to freshen up the air in your home is with plants. Bringing a little of the outdoors in is guaranteed to be soothing and relaxing, as well as improving the air quality in your space by releasing more oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere.

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