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Garden Design Tips


There was a time when your home and garden were seen as being separate entities. Whilst you’d put your personal stamp on your home, and consider it a display of your taste and personality, your garden was simply an outdoors space for plants and flowers.

Those days are long gone: your garden is now just as much a display of your persona as your home is – more so in many cases as your garden is often the first impression of you that a visitor gets.

The key to that perfect garden is to design and maintain it to your taste, and we’re here to ensure that whatever style you choose for your garden, you have everything you need to make it come to life.

Auckland Rattan Garden Furniture by Harley & Lola

Basic considerations

When it comes to beginning the design process, you’ll need to make some choices as to what is best suited to your lifestyle. These careful considerations will not only ensure that your garden will look as good as you want it to, but also that it will continue to look stylish year after year.

Firstly you need to think about the size and shape of your garden, knowing what your basic blank space is will help you to decide what to put in it and where.

The second consideration is light. Depending on the position of your home and garden, you’ll want to ensure that the sitting area receives the most light, but that you won’t be dazzled with nowhere to enjoy shade at all. In addition, you don’t want to place your furniture in a position where it won’t get the late afternoon sun.

Westminster Liberty Garden Furniture by Harley & Lola

Choosing your materials

Everyone has a preference when it comes to the materials of the items they place in their home and garden. You might select a piece because it “just looks right”, or alternatively you might select a piece because its base material has the properties you want and will be durable and hardwearing.

Westminster Teak by Harley & Lola

If you choose teak, you will be getting a hard wood with a stunning rich colour. Teak is hardwearing and durable, making it ideal for use outdoors, and has plenty of natural oil meaning it will require minimal care and attention from you. Over time, teak tends to split and silver. This is completely natural and could actually work in your favour, giving your wood a rustic vintage appearance.

Port Royal Rural Range by Harley & Lola

Rattan garden furniture meanwhile is chic and casual in appearance giving your garden an inviting, minimalist appeal. Traditionally, rattan was made from woven palm but recently, a synthetic approach has been adopted which means that it can be woven far more easily and can be coloured or shaped to your requirements. Rattan is extremely durable, so it can be left outside even in the winter, saving storage space.

Garden Furniture by Harley & Lola

Metal furniture has a powder coated aluminium frame that is lightweight, scratch resistant, weather proof and will not rust. Many people choose metal because in addition to being strong and requiring minimal upkeep, it has a crisp, chic appearance which complements a modern, minimalist garden.

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Posted on March 10 2016
by: Charlotte Carlsen Abraham

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