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Revitalise your Bedroom - Modern Vintage


The modern vintage trend is the perfect way for you to revitalise your bedroom. This trend is all about pairing beautiful vintage details with a modern, chic interior. It's great for those who love vintage but are looking for a cleaner aesthetic that takes inspiration from the minimalist beauty of scandinavian interiors. This trend is all about muted, neutral colours; oak wood and cosy furnishings. 

Modern Vintage by Harley and Lola

Wooden furniture

Looking back to the materials used in the 60s and 70s for inspiration means that wooden furniture is essential to this look. A beautiful wooden bed, like the Wycombe Bed (1) provides a great wooden focal point for the room. Its clean and simple design is perfect for pulling this trend together. One of the main elements of the Modern Vintage trend is the use of awesome retro style furniture. The classic Kielder Chest of Drawers (2) is another modern vintage must-have, with great retro design while providing functional bedroom storage. 

70s vibes

There's nothing more 70s than a great shaggy rug, and the Benni Rug (3) adds a gorgeous vintage feel to your bedroom. Using the classic cream and white colour palette can add a sophisticated Scandinavian feel to your room. Carry on this colour scheme on the walls with the unique White Wooden Effect Wallpaper (5).

Modern lighting

Great lighting adds to the clean, modern look. This trend calls for amazing statement pieces that show off great design. The stunning Curved Copper Lamp (4) is a gorgeous statement lamp which really adds to the modern elements of this look. It's a great bedside lamp, and will fill your modern vintage bedroom with soft light.



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Posted on October 24 2016
by: Sam Kean

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