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Living room looks - Rustic Raw Materials


Some styles never go out of fashion and some materials are always in style. One of the easiest ways to ensure your home is a la mode is to opt for a look that takes full advantage of raw materials, whether it's exposed stone or metal accessories. Take some inspiration from the Harley & Lola Rustic Raw Materials Collection to help you embrace contemporary simplicity.

Rustic Raw Materials by Harley and Lola

Stylish home decor doesn’t have to be complicated. By utilising complementary materials you can enjoy a living room fully in line with current trends, and a living room that is sure to be timeless in style. 

Add some comfort with crisp cream furniture such as the Saxo two seater sofa (1). Similarly uncluttered furniture helps stop your living room looking too busy, while adding more than enough warmth. Take advantage of the Chivaso saddle leather pouffe (2) for some extra style and comfort, or find a leather sofa to complete the look.

Mix and match materials

When opting for a look centred on raw materials, you need to know what goes together. Don’t be afraid to trust your eye - it's your living room after all - but some combinations are always on point. Scandi styles incorporating wicker, wood, and woollen rugs offer a cosy yet contemporary look that is easy to achieve and needn't cost the earth.

Mix in wicker storage baskets such as the Kubu Storage baskets (3) and thick woollen throws for the full impact. Opt for lime washed boards wallpaper (5) to add the wooden pine effect on the walls if you don’t have them at home. 

Choose a modern approach

Alternatively you could combine exposed brick or concrete with rustic or reclaimed wooden furniture to craft an inviting, yet sparse, industrial chic that really lets the materials sing. Bell jar light holders (4) are a great way to bring in a warm ambience without sacrificing the industrial look. Copper home accessories are also a fantastic way to embrace metal, with metal side tables and metal candle holders being the perfect way to showcase copper.

Have Fun designing!

Regardless of the look you choose, don't be afraid to experiment and have fun doing it. Your home's style should reflect your personality, so get busy!



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Posted on October 11 2016
by: Sam Kean

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