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How To - Wallpaper Hanging


We have some of the most stylish wallpapers available so why not check out our designer range and pick a new look for your home. Choosing the right wallpaper can really add individual character and style to your interior space. Once you have sifted through the huge variety of colours and patterns and are happy with your choice, there is the daunting task of hanging your new wallpaper. Hanging wallpaper can have a big impact on the colour and design of a room, so it is essential that the job is done well, especially if considering a patterned wallpaper!

Here is Harley & Lola’s simple guide to hanging wallpaper.

First of all, you will need the following tools:

  • Stepladder
  • Tape Measure
  • Wallpaper Adhesive
  • Wallpaper Strippers and Removers
  • Stripping Knife
  • Sponge
  • Pasting table
  • Pasting Brush
  • Plumb bob and Plumb line
  • Trimming Knife
  • Wallpaper Scissors
  • Paper Hanging Brush

Prepare your Room
Remove all furniture from your room and lay down drop cloths to protect carpets and flooring from any mess caused. Tape over all sockets and switch off circuit breakers for the room as liquid may run into the sockets.

Before hanging new wallpaper, make sure your walls are fully stripped by cleaning them of all wallpaper, paste and residue using Wallpaper Strippers and a Stripping Knife. Warm water should be used to soak wallpaper if it does not peel away easily first of all. If you have dry walls, do not apply too much liquid when removing the wallpaper as this could damage the wall. Once walls are completely cleaned, sand down to create smooth surfaces perfect for wallpapering!

If your room has uneven wall surfaces or imperfections, you may want to consider using lining paper before applying your decorative paper.

Cut your Wallpaper
Measure the height of your wall and add 10 cm to allow for trimming to cut your first strip. If your wallpaper has a pattern, make sure you line this up before cutting a second strip. Check whether your wallpaper can simply be pasted to the wall or whether strips need to be soaked on a pasting table beforehand. Soak times will normally be displayed on the wallpaper label.

How to Hang
Draw a vertical line down the wall using a plumb line and pencil to ensure the pattern will remain straight. Press the paper against the top of the wall into the groove, allowing enough paper to trim the ceiling (5 cm). Unfold the paper down the wall matching the vertical line. Use a papering brush to smooth it into place, brushing from the centre outwards to remove air bubbles as you move towards the skirting. Smooth until pressing the paper into the groove between the wall and skirting board, leaving a 5cm overlap before smoothing into place. Once applied trim at the ceiling and skirting. Place the second strip next to your first and smooth into place as before, creating a seamless joint. When reaching a corner, allow a 3 inch overlap around the angle.

If your chosen wallpaper has a pattern, it is a good idea to hang the first piece over a focal point of the room such as a fireplace. As the pattern will not likely match up at the finishing point, ideally you want the finishing point to be a corner or door rather than a focal point of the room. Once this area is completed, work away in both directions to make the design central.



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Posted on August 24 2016
by: Sam Kean

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