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Choosing Textiles for your Interior

Choosing Textiles for your Interior

Textiles are the most effective way for you to stamp your personality on a space. We love the way that rugs, throws, wool blankets, or even a simple cushion can pull a room together. You can take your inspiration from anywhere - your travels, interior magazines, a fabric glimpsed in a window - to create something truly unique.

Don't be afraid to let textiles take centre stage. If you want to introduce texture to a neutral palette, think about using faux fur throws with knitted blankets and our Bobby and Dinah cushions for a scheme that is cosy, comfortable and the essence of hygge.

Bobby Cushion by Harley and Lola            Dinah Cushion by Harley and Lola

Rustic cosy country themes can be created through placing a deep pile rug against stripped wooden floorboards to burrow your toes into. Add a cow hide pouffe or a leather stool for a harder, contemporary edge that also adds a touch of exoticism and pairs well with creams and neutrals. 

Tiago Ivory & Brown Natural Hide Pouf by Harley and Lola

Or take it one step further and play with patterns that share the same basic design DNA which will work together in harmony. Take a look at our cosy furnishings collections for inspiration. For example, our Skagen and Bergen cushions play off the same geometric designs and colour palette to achieve this kind of look. Or take a Bamboozled rug as your inspiration.

Bamboozled Rug by Harley and Lola

Don't be afraid of colour. The easy way to achieve an impact is to keep walls white and add a dramatic Adam Daily Unity or Balance rug that will really pop. Bold jewelled colours for cushion and throws can work very effectively against a monochrome pattern like the Frankie rug or a zebra print upholstered chair. 

Adam Daily Unity Rug by Harley and Lola             Frankie Rug by Harley and Lola

Alternatively an eclectic mix of Aztec and Moroccan rugs or patterns makes for a wild bohemian chic theme and gives an opportunity to really get creative with colours and patterns in a way that no other style offers. 

Silk Lane Pouf by Harley and Lola

Browse the Cosy Textiles collection for inspiration and pair neutrals and pop out colours, greys with blues or knit and wool textures for a scheme that is restful and calming.

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Susan - December 12, 2016

Those cushions are gorgeous

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