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Using Blue Hues in Your Dining Room

Using Blue Hues in Your Dining Room

Blue is known to be an incredibly calming colour, which is why it’s perfect for your dining room and those long relaxed dinners with friends and family. Get the look with these fabulous items from our True Blue Collection.

Add a Sense of Oriental Style

For a touch of the exotic, you could choose an oriental sideboard such as the Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Sideboard from Baumhuas Furniture to store your finest crockery.

Baumhaus The Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Sideboard by Harley & Lola

The intricate detail makes it a perfect statement piece for your dining room, especially if you pair it with an oriental console table or a matching cabinet.

Baumhaus The Nine Schools Oriental Decorated Blue Medium Cabinet by Harley & Lola 

Accessorise with a Rug

It’s always nice to have something soft underfoot, and many interior designers suggest a rug beneath your dining table and chairs for added comfort and to draw the eye to the centre of the room. You could couple your highly decorative oriental furniture with a simple blue rug such as this Be Square Plantation Rug, which is incredibly soft to the touch and features an elegantly simple pattern.

Plantation Rug Co. Be Square Light Blue by Harley & Lola

Colour your Table

For fine dining, blue serving dishes can be extremely eye-catching, as demonstrated by this beautiful salad bowl with servers. The vibrant azure colour evokes images of the Mediterranean, making it perfect for those lovingly prepared Greek salads or Panzanella.

Colour Salad Bowls with Servers by Harley & Lola

Baumhaus Urban Chic Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to bring light and a sense of depth to a room. If you’ve chosen blue as your overall decorative theme, you could try adding this Baumhaus Urban Chic mirror. The hand-finished outer frame perfectly balances the natural metal with just a hint of blue, while the shabby chic and very contemporary look will make a nice contrast to the more decorative pieces of furniture.

Baumhaus Urban Chic Mirror Large by Harley & Lola

To work to its full advantage, you could try positioning the mirror either on a statement wall such as a chimney breast, or on a wall which catches the sun and will reflect the light back into the room.

Blue furniture and decorations can be paired with a number of colours to create a perfectly harmonised environment. For a low-key and neutral look, mixing blues with creams, beiges and calicos can work well, or you could turn up the colour volume and go bold, with contrasting oranges or yellows for a really vivid look.

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